twitter hook

Hello ! [FR]


You are probably a robot or a spider or a human, but since you are reading anyway : welcome.

This page should handle what you may need to know about an imaginary group called ‘me’.
You probably come here from twitter : uses it to make some coherent noises.

Me is human and has two hands, just like you, probably.
Me is mostly writing in french and|or english.
Me is talking too, sometimes.
Me is mammal.
Me is alive.
Me is io.

io.micrab (@iomicrab) is’s twitter account.
io don’t always uses a strong following[back] or [re]tweet policy.
Bar the ‘if you un-follow i un-follow’ part, this info-page could almost be the one you read now.


Why ?

Because I’m either unlucky or lazy, and i fail to feel other’s words make world(s).
Because i feel like homo-sapiens living in an Australopithecus world.
Because i feel an urge for mankind to grow-up.
Because i want to.
Because i need to.

Mankind, if you are my kind, please grow-up (x direction(s), not x number(s)).


For Who ?

For anyone, including me and any human i have or will co-produce.
For those children of you|me.


How ?

By authorising myself.
By auto rising my self.

This induces a tiny logical distortion in the human’s mind map.
This reflects a global change, in the topological description of a group, within which io is an active imaginary point.

Either way, me takes it !


Towards Where ?

A tiny geological point at the surface of earth.
Where a single nodule could soon metastasize.
Earth dies if that happens.

This region is called Fukushima.

This is one of the rare meaningful #name(s) on earth from now on (002012-xxxxxx).
This is not a nice place to be, sorry, but it needs caring.
This is from where our future is rooting NOW.

#ThankYouMerci for your kind attention ø:)

#translation.français (exemple) :

c’est un des rares #nom(s) ayant un sens à partir de maintenant (002012-xxxxxx).
c’est un lieu qu’on préfère éviter, il est désolé, mais il nécessite des soins.
c’est à cet endroit précis que notre avenir prend racine, MAINTENANT..

#ThankYouMerci pour toute espèce d’attention ø:)

#pub:#démantèlement ~il est temps d’apprendre à le faire proprement ET à temps : (#).démantèlement.