By io, 2012.04.25 (mer.25.avr)

thankyouMerci ø:)

I write in french.. It’s my tongue, and ‘tongue’ is an english word that writes itself like a french one that doesn’t exists !

See, i’m confused sometimes when i try to use another tongue than the one of my body..

And i can write faster in french for that very reason.

You see ?

I think time is a precious thing that has nothing to do with some £€¥$, because its unit is instant : a state any body can test itself without a machine.

À ce jour (2013.11.24), si je devais n'en garder qu'un, c'est http://micrab.tv/charlie le plus pragma ø:)

Une archive qui semble bien lointaine de cet article est ici.
~extrait :
io : ‘merci à chacun de mes lecteurs pour sa lecture’
io : ‘thanks to every one of my readers for his reading’


micrab.tv eyes - 2011.09.16 ~ 2012.08.26

mesure : micrab.tv oeil(s) – 2011.09.16 ~ 2012.08.26

~Si on suit trop les mickeys, on finit par se battre..

~Si on suit trop les mickeys, on finit par se battre.. (image originale : 1915)

micrab oeil(s) 2011-2012-2013.1micrab oeil(s) 2011-2012-2013.2micrab oeil(s) 2011-2012-2013.3



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